Born and raised in New York, Louie Chin is an illustrator whose work includes commercial and editorial content, as well as individual commissions. He has created illustrations for a variety of publications and projects, including The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Nike, and the children's book, Don't Ask a Dinosaur. Working with both traditional and modern media, such as watercolor, gouache, and digital art software, his biggest influences and inspirations come from comics, movies, and his daily observations of life in NYC.

He just finished Bodega Cat, the first children’s book that he both wrote and illustrated. Bodega Cat comes out September 24, 2019.

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Art Rep NYC
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Clients and Collabs:
NY Times, Nike, Adidas, Cycle Media, Wired UK, Ships Japan, Monopispa, Alex Mill, Pearson Learning, Vanity Fair, Boston Globe, Tampa Bay Times, Complex, First We Feast, Highlights, Unplugged Magazine, Banana Mag, Oni Press, Kumon, Hyphen Magazine, UMP, Troisco Magazine, O.N.S., BWC Garments, BETC, Magasins Généraux, Phamily First
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